For Sale : Gravure Printing Machine on Paper

total 6 machines(3/4/4/5/6/7color gravure printing machine) these are print on roll paper machine(but,it is possible print on thick film). contact : (kenji 1)4color gravure print machine : maker(nakajima)2)3color gravure print machine : maker(nakajima)3)4color gravure print machine : maker(rock giken/nakajima group)4)5color gravure print machine : maker(nakajima)5)6color gravure print machine : maker(fuji kikai)6)7color gravure print machine : maker(fuji kikai)if you have interest for these machine,please contactfax(0081-3-3726-4578) tel(0081-3-5754-1140) e-mail( spec are your request on. Author: Kenji Tanehashi

Incoming search terms:

  • American used roto gravure printer

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